We're very happy to bring the wildest, freshest most beautiful elements of our gardens to your home, office, etc..

Deliveries are THURSDAYS between 9am & 12pm most weeks.  Since we use all seasonal flowers from our gardens, we can't promise color or style, only absolute delight.  (If you have larger, more complicated orders, please email us directly)



Please place your order at least 24 hrs before. 


Bouquet in corrugated metal vase
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Choose between a design in a concrete or metal vase ($75) or a handmade OSA ATOE vase ($150).  Osa Atoe is our favorite potter in Louisiana.  Visit her website at for more information about her.


Price for either design includes delivery, vase & handmade card. 


And finally, please please please!  Make sure there will be someone to receive the delivery.  We can't promise how long our flowers will last if left on a hot porch.