A smart, simple, sustainable option for event flowers.


Perfect for Pistil & Stamen fans who just want something seasonal and beautiful for their wedding or event, and aren’t in need of full service event design, special sourcing or installations. Just artful, organically grown flowers. Choose between two different color palettes: “vibrant and juicy” or “soft and muted,” and purchase the amount of arrangements and/or personals you’ll need. Then we “do our thing,” and deliver the best the garden has to offer that week, with a very limited amount of outside sourcing. It’s a simple, streamlined process without the hassle of larger minimums, consultations or full design services. With a $300 minimum, you can order as much or as little as you need. Orders are processed online, but please email pistilandstamenflowers@gmail.com with your date to confirm our availability before purchase. Once we’ve confirmed your order and date, we’ll send you a link to purchase. GARDEN’S CHOICE is typically available Sept - Nov, March - May, however we may have availability outside those dates. For delivery only.

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