We're Hiring!

Pistil & Stamen Wedding Coordinator

Application deadline: 4/30/18

Please send resume and 3 examples of your floral work to pistilandstamenflowers(at)gmail.com / If you don't have floral design work, please send us 3 examples of of any creative work you've done / OR 3 examples of floral designs that inspire you

Job Description:
The wedding coordinator works with Denise and Megan to manage and organize all communication relating to wedding events.  This includes but is not limited to receiving and organizing all incoming emails, managing, organizing, and executing all communication with wedding clients or prospective clients where possible, creating wedding floral proposals, revising proposals, managing various documents relating to weddings, creating and sending contracts and invoices, and sending monthly restaurant invoices. This person works closely with Denise to coordinate and plan all Wedding activity preceding the floral design itself; and mostly represents Pistil & Stamen until the final stages of communication - thus good customer service is essential. This person is encouraged to bring new ideas and systems to the table that streamline, organize, and troubleshoot the existing systems.  


Ideally, the wedding coordinator would be available for additional hours during our busy seasons to organize our schedules and workloads, and be the primary additional designer to our team - working on arrangements, personals and day-of installations.

For the right type A artist, this position gives great insight on the day-to-day operations of our business, along with added professional development in floral design.  Potential for growing this position as our business grows as well.

The wedding coordinator works remotely currently and manages their own schedule, but must check their email at least once a day.

Responsibilities include:

  • Sending monthly restaurant invoices

  • Receiving and organizing all incoming email communication, responding where appropriate

  • Maintaining ongoing communication and relationships with clients until Denise takes over, the wedding is complete, or we/the client cancels.

  • Organizing the information related to flowers and weddings in various documents

  • Creating and sending contracts and invoices

  • Creating wedding proposals

  • Offering basic advice or suggestions for working within a certain budget and with floral design

  • Making phone calls to prospective clients to welcome them and inform them of our systems

  • Organizes/plans wedding workload and schedule

  • Primary additional wedding floral designer, available for all wedding weekends

Job requirements:

Must be willing/able to:

  • Make simple phone calls to clients

  • Work at a computer 8-10 hrs/week

  • Work within google docs/sheets

  • Stay organized and on top of communication with multiple people at all times

  • Maintain a positive and helpful attitude with clients and business associates

  • Have flexible schedule

  • Excited to work with us during high volume season

  • Be down-to-earth and aligned with our sustainable mission

Desired skills/qualifications:

  • A solid knowledge of the workings of google docs/sheets/photos, and skills around using these tools most effectively and efficiently towards communication and organizing.

  • Customer service experience

  • Design experience or the ability to learn quickly

  • Background in art or craft of some kind

  • Detail obsessed

  • Systems thinker


Current pay is $15 an hour, 10 hours a week.  Hours are flexible and are managed by the wedding coordinator, but they must work daily (Monday thru Friday). Potential to increase hours by 10-20 hrs during select weekends during peak wedding season (Fall & Spring).  Potential for more hours and responsibility as the business grows.