Currently Hiring for FARM MANAGER POSITION

Pistil & Stamen Farm Manager

Who we are: 

We’re a small, urban flower farm with a focus on sustainability and artful design.  We’re a queer woman-owned business, rooted in our community, committed to creating a safe, empowering, caring work enviromnent. We value positivity, hard work, thoroughness, and humor in ourselves and the people we work with.  It’s a blood, sweat and tears endeavor to change the flower culture of our city. You want in? 

About this position:

You will work with owners to plan and execute all farm projects across 2-3 sites including but not limited to bed prep, composting, planting, weeding, harvesting, fertilizing, installing/repairing irrigation, soil and plant health management, supplies management/ordering, and interfacing with interns and volunteers. 

Plan and and execute weekly harvest schedule, assemble and deliver CSA bouquets, flower bunching/prep for pop-ups and wholesale accounts. 

 Responsibilities include:

  • Managing and executing garden tasks at each of our 2 established gardens

  • Manage and execute the creation of a new farm site

  • Management of volunteers and interns

  • Keeping ongoing list of immediate, mid- and long-term projects and to-dos

  • Maintaining plant and soil health

  • Keeping tabs on supplies (fabric, stakes, netting, fertilizer, soil amendments, broken hoses/irrigation etc), and creating supply lists as needed.

  • Replacing/repairing irrigation fittings/lines

  • Harvesting

  • Bunching, putting flowers together for market

  • Operating pop-ups/markets/CSA coordination



  • At least 2 years farm experience, preferably in flowers. 

  • Preference to applicants experienced in harvest and market bouquet bundling

  • Demonstrated farm planning experience and working knowledge of farm infrastructure (including irrigation, farm tools and machinery)

  • Comfortable leading and organizing projects 

  • Adept at working in a busy team environment, with proven leadership skills 

  • Capable of working in all kinds of weather conditions (HEAT, some rain, some cold, etc)

  • Self motivated, cooperative and flexible

  • Good organizational and record keeping skills

  • Responsibly manage administrative and record keeping tasks related to running the farm business and overall success of the organization.

  • Own an operating vehicle and use it to transport tools and flowers when need be


This is a 30-60 hour a week position, based on the season. June-August, and December-February are the slower seasons, and Sept-Nov, March-May are our busier months. It includes 2 weeks of paid leave and 2+ weeks of unpaid leave. 

 Starting salary $28,000-$33,000 based on experience. 

 Please email a resume and cover letter to  Interviews will start second week of October.